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G clamps

  • Product item:ET048
  • Product price:US $ 1.1 / Piece
G clamps

Unit price(3 inch): US $ 1.1 / Piece
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G clamp (or C clamp) is a type of clamp device typically used to hold a wood or metal workpiece, and often used in, but are not limited to, carpentry and welding. Often believed that these clamps are called "G" clamps because of their G shaped frame, or also often called C clamps or C cramps. G clamps are used by means of turning the screw through the bottom of the frame until the desired state of pressure or release is reached. In the case that the G clamp is being tightened, this is when the objects being secured are satisfactorily secured between the flat end of the screw and the flat end of the frame. If the clamp is being loosened, this is when a sufficient amount of force is released to allow the secured objects to be moved.
Item # Jaw Width Throat Depth Thickness Rod diameter Pieces/carton
2 inch 50mm 38mm 12mm 8mm 150
3 inch 82mm 67mm 15mm 11mm 80
4 inch 110mm 70mm 16mm 11mm 70
5 inch 123mm 77mm 20mm 11mm 40
6 inch 155mm 90mm 20mm 11mm 60
8 inch 190mm 105mm 20mm 11mm 20
G clamps
C clamps

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