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Scientific Calculator 82MS-B for teaching

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  • Product price:US $ 1.5 / Piece
Scientific Calculator 82MS-B for teaching
Unit price: US $ 1.5 / Piece
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Scientific Calculator 82MS-B is battery powered scientific calculator, student calculator for teaching and education equipment. Scientific Calculator 82MS-B offers the most common functions for student, educaton calculation, and the unit price is low.
Texture Plastic
Size 153x82.5x18mm
Weight 120g/pc
Power Built in battery
Packing 180pcs/carton
Color Black
1.240 kinds of scientific functions
2.10-digit +2 index large screen display
3.Two-line LCD screen display
4.Multi-reply function and fraction calculations
5.Combination and permutation
6.STAT-data editor,standard deviation,regresion analysis
7. 9 variable memories function
8.Two pieces AG13 Button Battery
9.Hard protective cover
10.Easy menu function

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Scientific Calculator
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