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2ml 10ml 25ml Manual Pipette Pump

  • Product item:FJ058
  • Product price:US $ 4 / Piece
2ml 10ml 25ml Manual Pipette Pump

Unit price(2ml/10ml/25ml): US $ 4 / Piece
Delivery fee is not included

The pipette pumps provide safe and accurate pipetting and dispensing of solutions from graduated pipette (or bulb pipettes). Pipettes are inserted into the tapered collar and the thumbwheel is rotated for precision filling or dispensing. To fast release solution, depress the plunger or the quick release bar. The pipette pumps can be operated with one hand easily. Color coded for easy identification.(Blue 2ml, Green 10ml, Red 25ml)
Manual Pipette Pump
Pipette Pump
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