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Accurate pH Paper 1-14

  • Product item:TP020
  • Product price:US $ 2.1 / pack
Accurate pH Paper 1-14 (Four Reference Color)

Unit price: US $ 2.1 / pack
Pack: 100 strips/pack
500 packs/carton
Delivery fee is not included

pH paper (pH Test Strips) for urine, saliva and ph testing of other liquids.
1-14 pH indicator paper in roll, for wide range application of ph value 1-14
Special Indicator Paper 0.5-5.0, 1.4-3.0, 2.7-4.7, 3.8-5.4, 5.4-7.0, 5.5-9.0, 6.4-8.0, 7.6-8.5, 8.2-10, 9.5-13, for narrow range but more accurate in ph value.
Accurate pH paper

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