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Adjustment, usage and maintenance of double beam balance

Double beam balance is a frequently-used scale as laboratory equipment and educational equipment, it's a precise equipment and easily affected by external influences. After purchasing a new double beam balance, the following information you must know.
double beam balance

1. Choose a suitable smooth and stable table and put the balance on it. Slide the main rider, supplementary rider and tarring weight to the utmost left end. 

2. Adjust the fine-tuning balancing knob at the right end of the beam, set the pointer of the Balance to equilibrium position zero. 


1. Put the article to be weighted on the left pan of the balance. 

2. Roughly estimate the weight of the article on the left pan and then add suitable standard weights on the right pan. Move the main rider, supplementary rider to make the pointer to equilibrium position zero.

3. Adding up the readings of the main rider, supplementary rider and the standard weights and you will get the actual weight of the article weighted. 

4. If the tarring device is used, please put the container on the left pan first and then move the tarring weight to the right until the pointer points to zero equilibrium. (If it is not in a state of equilibrium, turn the tarring weight for fine turning until it reaches equilibrium.) 


1. If the balance is not in use, don't put anything on the pans. 

2. No lubricating oil is to be applied to the knife bearing,which is to be always kept clean and dry. Should there be any dust there on, blow it away by a rubber squeeze bulb. 

3. If the magneto resistor adsorbs any substance from outside preventing it from working properly, remove the substance from outside carefully. Lay down the balance cautiously, remove the 

4 screws fixed to the magneto resistor from under the foundation of the balance, take out the magneto resistor and remove the substance on the surface of the magnet. After cleaning, reinstall the magneto resistor. 
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