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Autoclave Tape

  • Product item:OL005
  • Product price:US $ 6.5 / roll
Autoclave Tape, Autoclave Steam Indicator Tape

Unit price(12mm x 50m): US $ 6.5 / roll
Delivery fee excluded

Autoclave tape (Autoclave Steam Indicator Tape) is an adhesive tape used in autoclaving to indicate whether a specific temperature has been reached. By changing color after exposure to certain temperatures in sterilization processes, autoclave tape reveals if the items is appropriate processed.
Specification Packing(carton) Carton size Gross weight
12mm x 50m 76 rolls 28x28x24cm 6.5kg
19mm x 50m 48 rolls
25mm x 50m 36 rolls
Autoclave Tape
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