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Fluorescence Spectrophotometer model F96Pro

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Fluorescence Spectrophotometer model F96Pro


1.Light source:Hamamatsu 150W Xenon lamp
2.Exciting optical filters:Interference optical filter
   *Standard set is equipped with an interference optical filter of central wavelength at 365nm and 10nm bandwidth
   *An optional interference optical filer of 25mm diameter of wavelength of 200-850 nm can be provided on users demand.
3.Emission monochromator:C-T diffraction grating(Em 200~900nm,bandwidth 10nm)Wavelength accuracy±1nm Wavelength repeatability ≤0.5nm
4.Sensitivity:Raman peak of water in 1 cm quartz fluorescence cuvette withS/N≥150
5.Linear measurement(r): ≥0.995
6.Stability: better than 1.5%/10min
7.Variation of power source: 220V±22V  50Hz±1Hz
8.Response time: (0.1-4)s   6 stages adjustable
9.Fluorescence display value: 0.00-600.00
10.Data transmission: USB2.0


 Standard Package

  Main instrument

1 set

  365nm filter(Preassembled)

1 pc

  Software package

1 set

  Power cable

1 pc

  USB wire

1 pc

  Instruction manual

1 copy

  Product quality certificate

1 copy


2 pcs


2 pcs

  Quartz fluorescence sample cell10mm

1 pair

  Packing list

1 copy

Optional Spare Parts and Accessories

1.         Fuses2A/5A

2.         200~700nm interference optical filter(φ25mm)

3.         Quartz fluorescence sample cell10mm

4.         Personal computer

5.         Printer cable

6.         Dedicated serial interface printer


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