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Laboratory precision balance, model JJ

  • Product item:BL002
  • Product price:US $ 85 / Piece
Laboratory precision balance, model JJ

Unit price(JJ202): US $ 85 / Piece
Delivery fee is not included
1, High accuracy, quick response
2, Multi unit, gm, ct, oz, lb, tola, gn
3, Big Led display
4, Over load alarm and protection function
5, 4V/2.5Ah rechargeable battery inside
6, Automatic fault detect, Auto calibration
7, Dual range conversion.
8, RS232 interface
9, Liquid level indicator
JJ102 JJ202 JJ302 JJ502 JJ602 JJ1002 JJ2002 JJ3002
Maximum weighing 100g 200g 300g 500g 600g 1000g 2000g 3000g
Readability 10mg
Repeatability 0.01g
Shield size 155x175x85mm
Pan size Φ 110mm Φ 130mm 173x188mm
Dimension 240x200x75mm
Power AC220V/50Hz

JJ201 JJ501 JJ1001 JJ1201 JJ2001 JJ3001 JJ5001 JJ6001
Maximum weighing 200g 500g 1000g 1200g 2000g 3000g 5000g 6000g
Readability 100mg
Repeatability 0.1g
Pan size 110mm 130mm 173x188mm
Dimension 240x200x75mm
Power AC220V/50Hz
Laboratory precision balance
precision balance
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