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Some tips for using a vernier caliper

Vernier caliper

Vernier caliper is a widely used high-precision measuring tool, it can be used to measure internal and external distances very accurately. A vernier caliper is composed of two parts, the main ruler and the vernier which is attached to the main ruler. General speaking, there are two kinds of vernier caliper, metal vernier caliper and plastic vernier caliper, metal vernier caliper is with higher precision and requires more attentions.

Tips: vernier caliper is a precise measuring tool, the following aspects should pay attention to:

1, Before using a vernier caliper, make sure the the internal jaws, external jaws and the main body is clean, main ruler’s 0 line and the vernier’s 0 line is in alignment, if not, it should revise the reading based on the original error.

2. When measuring, the measuring item’s surface and the external jaws must be vertical, and should not be skewed. Holding the vernier caliper gently, so as to avoid jaws deformation or jaws abrasion, and reducing measurement accuracy.

3, when reading, the line of sight should be vertical to the ruler surface, otherwise the measurement value is not accurate.

4. When measuring the inside diameter, swing lightly so as to find the maximum value.

5. After using a vernier caliper, wipe it carefully and put on protective oil  and store in cool dry place so as to rust or bending.

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