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Stainless steel test tube rack

  • Product item:FJ-005-3
  • Product price:US $ 14.3 / Piece
Stainless steel Test tube rack

Unit price(50 holes x 21mm): US $ 14.3 / Piece
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Test tube rack is a laboratory equipment that is used to hold upright multiple test tubes at the same time. It is most commonly used when various different solutions are needed to work with simultaneously, for safety reasons, for safe storage of test tubes, and to ease the transport of multiple tubes. Test tube racks also ease the organizing of test tubes and provide support for the test tubes being worked with. Test tube racks come in a variety of size, composition, material, and color. The variety of test tube racks increases the number of circumstances they can be used in whether it is to be placed in an autoclave, or to be placed in the refrigerator. The racks are most commonly made of metal wires, but they can also be found as plastic, polystyrene, foam, fiberglass, and polypropylene. Test tube racks come in the form of a classic rack, an interlocking cube form, a stack-able form, test tube drying rack, slant rack, and 1-well rack.

PP plastic test tube rack
Wood test tube rack
Aluminum test tube rack
Stainless steel test tube rack

Stainless steel Test tube rack
Packing 50pcs/carton
50 holes x 15mm
50 holes x 18mm
50 holes x 21mm
40 holes x 25 mm

Stainless steel Test tube rack
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