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Static Water Mechanics Balance, hydrostatic balance

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  • Product price:US $ 147 / Piece
Static Water Mechanics Balance, hydrostatic balance

Unit price(JY2001): US $ 147 / Piece
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The hydrostatic equilibrium pertains to hydrostatics and the principles of equilibrium of fluids. A hydrostatic balance is a particular balance for weighing substances in water. Hydrostatic balance allows the discovery of their specific gravities.


Model JY2001 JY5001 JY2002 JY5002
Maximum weighing 2000g 5000g 2000g 5000g
Readability (mg) 100mg 10mg
Repeatability 0.02g
Pan size (mm) 173x188mm
Nacelle size (mm) 180x Φ146mm
Container size (mm) 250x Φ235mm
Stand size (mm) 400x250x425mm
Net weight (kg) 7.3kg
Power Input AC220V/50Hz, Output DC9V/300mA
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