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Tripod retort stand, retort stand base

  • Product item:FJ044
  • Product price:US $ 6.34 / Piece
Tripod retort stand, retort stand base

Unit price(110mm): US $ 6.34 / Piece
10 pieces/carton
Delivery fee is not included

Tripod retort stand, sometimes called a clamp stand or a ring stand or a lab iron stand, is a piece of laboratory equipment, clamps can be attached to hold other pieces of equipment. For instance, burettes, commonly used for titration experiments, test tubes and flasks. Retort stand is a general piece of lab equipment that can be used to help with holding other equipments and glasswares. For the pieces of metalware such as ring clamps, versatile clamps, 3-prongs clamp, and burette clamps can be attached to retort stands to better hold certain types of glassware.
Code Base Rod diameter Rod length Weight
FJ04401 85mm 10mm 600mm 1.0kg
FJ04402 110mm 10mm 600mm 1.2kg
FJ04403 135mm 10mm 600mm 2.0kg
FJ04404 175mm 12mm 600mm 3.5kg
Tripod retort stand
retort stand base

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