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Visible spectrophotometer model 721S

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Visible spectrophotometer model 721S



1, Optical system: diffraction grating C-T monochromator
2, Wavelength range: 360nm~1000nm
3, Source lamp: halogen lamp 10W/8V
4, Wavelength accuracy: ±3.0nm
5, Wavelength repeatability: ≤1.5nm
6, Transmittance accuracy: ±0.8 %(t) (SRM930D)
7, Transmittance repeatability: ≤0.3 %(t)
8, Spectrum bandwidth: ≤6nm
9, Stray light: ≤1.0 %(t) (360nm, NaNO2)
10, Power supply: 90~250V, 50/60Hz, 40W
11, Dimension: 350mm×300mm×220mm
12, Weight: net weight: 4kg, gross weight: 6kg

Standard packing List:
1, Main device: 1pc
2, Power cord: 1pc
3, Operation manual: 1pc
4, Product Quality Certificate: 1pc
5, Fuse (2A): 2pcs
6, 1cm rectangular colorimetric dish (glass): 4pcs
7, 1cm optical path colorimetric dish shelf: 1pc
8, Packing list: 1pc 

Optional spare parts
1, Fuse (2A/3A)
2, Illuminant light components with pre-calibration lamp bracket
3, Rectangular colorimetric dish: 1cm, 2cm, 3cm, 5cm
4, 5cm optical path colorimetric dish shelf
5, Pr-Nd filters
6, Holmium trioxide filters


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